Jerome Rerucha DC

Jerome Rerucha, D.C., B.S., C.S.C.S., C.H.P.S.®
Certified Human Performance Specialist (C.H.P.S.)®

Hi, I’m Dr. Jerome Rerucha. I’ve been in clinical practice since 2000. I have always provided advanced multi-dimensional care to support adjustments and complete structural correction including in-depth lab testing and supplement programs. But there was nothing available to teach and manage patient’s eating and meal planning at the level my clinic required no matter how hard I tried. 

On top of all the services and demands of running an office, the doctors’ dilemma is time, and how do I charge for services? Managing each patient’s food plan and education seems complicated and time consuming.

Clinicians admit that their office provides minimal dietary advice for health improvement of any kind, although everyone agrees proper food intake is necessary for every person. In the past, doctors’, and health providers like you have shared with me patient follow-through has been poor.

Through the eyes of a patient, they are confused! Patients have mixed messages about what is considered healthy. Low carb, high protein, keto, intermittent fasting, HCG diets, or many other deprivation diets or extreme methods that ultimately slow their metabolism and set them up for guaranteed failure. My patients needed clear direction from me and my staff.

So my team and I created Brain/Body FIT® Clinical Nutrition Solutions! A profitable and time efficient system for your office combining technology, education, and professional coaching. 

The Brain/Body FIT Clinical Nutrition Solution SYSTEM enables your clinic to manage 100’s of patients with ease in one coaching portal. We provide A+ concierge training for you and your staff to be successful and become a certified professional coach.

Patients are only able to access this system through a certified doctor or coach. This is not available as a direct-to-consumer app. 

Join us now in changing our patient’s lives by getting them healthier through proper eating practices!

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