Active Calendar

Supplement Protocol Manager

Helping health professionals manage each patient's unique supplement protocol.

Do You Sell Supplements?

  • Do you or your patients ever lose track of when to repurchase supplements?
  • Would you like to be able to track your patient’s supplements when their multiple bottles run out on different days?
Active Calendar™ Supplement Protocol ManagerActive Calendar™ Supplement Protocol Manager

Do Your Patients Need Help With Their Supplement Schedule?

  • Would it be helpful if your patients had an app on their phones, to log their daily supplements and water intake?
  • Active Calendar™ is an easy way to manage individual supplement protocols for a volume of patients and encourage patient compliance.

Your Complete System Includes

Active Calendar™ Supplement Protocol Manager

Practitioner Portal

Input any brand or type of supplement into the portal.

Designate specific dosing information such as time of day or whether to take with or without food.

Portal tracks patient compliance, and stores your patient history form, symptom surveys and lab tests.
Active Calendar™ Supplement Protocol Manager

Patient App

Patients receive supplement dosing information and reminders as entered by practitioner.

The app also reminds patients to drink water throughout the day.

Patients log their daily compliance.

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